This Christmas, Melawati Mall wants you to personalized your Christmas gifts! Join our creative Batik Workshop that is suitable for all ages! (Children age <10 must be accompanied by an adult)

Date: Saturday, 9 December 2017
Time: 3pm - 4:30pm
Venue: Ground Floor (Center Court)

What is Batik?
Batik is a popular art and craft using wax and dye that has been practised for centuries and originated from Java, Indonesia and the word batik is from the Javanese tik and means "to dot". Batik is part of an ancient tradition. Come experience how to fill in colour on a fabric with pre-waxed batik pattern. Learn how to mix primary colors Red, Yellow, Blue to become secondary colors Green, Purple & Orange.

How much?
RM10/pax (all proceeds goes to charity on Christmas Day!)

What does it include?
- Cloth for Batik
- Artwork equipment and material (for workshop use only)
- Other tools (for workshop use only)
- Amazing Instructors

*Payment of RM10 made on day itself.
*First come, first serve so please be on time for registrations
*Terms and conditions apply

For more enquiries, please email